Saturday, September 21, 2013

UGA Athletics generates nearly $100M in revenue

Good news, right?

There was just over $2.2M surplus to bring the accumulated reserve up to $73.9M. Football brought in over $62M in revenue, with nearly equal amounts of direct football revenue, ticket contributions, and TV revenue from the SEC and NCAA. Long term construction debt fell $9M.

It also looks like the Foley project will reach the $5M needed to get Athletics off their $7M needed to complete the Foley face lift by February. The number is $2M higher than it was at project unveiling.  It'd be interesting to see where the rest of the $35M in revenue came from.

So, we'll see how that money gets spent. Or if it actually does. Because Tennessee.

Oh, I'll also have more about this later, but I'm guessing there is some room for revenue growth in other sports with improved results, because you can bet some of that ticket and ticket contribution revenue will fall with the coming tasty cupcake parade we are likely to see in football and basketball (and baseball, for that matter).


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